Custom Framing Services


My Workshop can help you select the framing and matting that works best for whatever you’re displaying. The right custom frame can help your artwork stand out. Not only that, but your piece will also be secured behind UV-protected glass to help stop damage from sunlight exposure.
At My Workshop, we understand that everyone’s framing needs are different. The materials that each customer needs framed are of all different shapes, sizes, and styles. With our custom framing services, we can frame each piece to your specific liking. We have a number of different designs available, perfect for whatever framing project you’re working on.
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With our custom frames, we can put together a frame that fits perfectly around whatever you’re displaying. There’s no awkward fit like with an existing frame. Our custom frames are perfect for displaying artwork, family photos, diplomas, sports jerseys, maps, and so much more.

Our team can adapt to your piece of artwork so it’s framed in the absolute best way. There are various ways that we can custom-frame a piece. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


Needlepoint projects take a lot of time and effort, and what better way to display the fruits of your labor than with a beautiful custom frame?

Framing needlepoint is one of our specialties. Not every professional framer knows how to properly frame a needlepoint project. We do. So don't risk having your hard work tarnished by a framer who isn't familiar with the techniques needed to display needlepoint beautifully. We'll help you frame your project in a way that highlights its unique, handcrafted beauty.

Call us today to get your needlepoint framing project started!
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